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Ultimate Guide To Divorce

  Divorce is often a difficult time in a person’s life.  It involves not only dealing with the breakdown of a relationship, but also redefining and designing the future.  Women’s Weekly have recently published an “Ultimate Guide to Divorce”...

Are you having a Midlife Crisis?

A Midlife Crisis can cause you to question everything in your life and can lead to some great (and not so great) decisions.  I recently had a chat with Steve Martin on ABC Radio about the Who, What and Why of midlife crisis’.  We discuss a few prevention and...

Check out this months Cosmo Mag

When is it time to walk away from a relationship?  Mind Life Clinic has made an appearance in Cosmopolitan Magazine addressing this question.  Grab your copy now.

Mind Life Clinic in Madison Magazine

Check out this month’s copy of Madison Magazine.  Last year Mind Life Clinic’s director Damien Adler was interviewed about the psychology of revenge.  You can see the article in this months edition.

The Age: Sunday Life Magazine: “Feeling all Write”

Yes, that is supposed to be “Feeling all Write”, it isn’t a typo…read on.  Mind Life Clinic’s Damien Adler was pleased to be able provide some psychology input to this great article on the psychological benefits of writing.  The article...