Think You’re Rational, Logical and Objective? Think again!

We like to think of ourselves as rational, logical, objective and analytic, but the reality is something very different.  We actually experience the world in a subjective manner, influenced by our perceptions, emotions and circumstances.  You can listen to my recent...

Meet the Team

We have had two new psychologists join the Mind Life Clinic team over the past few months.  You can check out the team (with photos) here.

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What to get some inspiration, useful tips and psychology related news?  You can follow us on Facebook here: facebook.com/MindLifeClinic  We also put links to Damien’s ABC Radio segments on our Facebook page as well.

Kate’s New Role

We are pleased to announce that Kate has been promoted and is now our Practice Manager.  Congratulations Kate,  you deserve it! If you have any questions about the clinic and our services, or feedback about what we are doing well or could improve on please let Kate...

We are having a book sale!

What to get some great bargains on some great titles?  We are listing the specials on Facebook here.  You can call, email or drop in to pick up a bargain now.  We have limited stock so you’ll need to be...