COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements 


We appreciate the frequently evolving COVID-19 guidelines and regulations may cause increased stress and anxiety. As the popular meme suggests: We are all in different boats in the same storm.

At Mind Life Clinic we are committed to abiding by regulations and adapting to changing circumstances, and we appreciate your co-operation.

Vaccine Requirements:

 In line with government regulations regarding vaccinations, all of our staff are double-vaccinated. In order to protect our staff, our staff member’s families, our clients and our community we will need to see certificates evidencing full vaccination for all face-to-face consultations from the 21st of October 2021. Checking in and wearing a mask remain mandatory.

All clients who are not yet vaccinated, including those who are not yet eligible for vaccination, will continue to be offered consultations via Telehealth or telephone until further notice. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer face-to-face appointments to any clients who are not fully vaccinated.

Zero Tolerance Policy for Aggressive or Abusive Conduct:

Please engage respectfully with our staff at all times. We appreciate there are a range of views in relation to vaccines requirements, however please be reminded that we have a zero tolerance policy regarding any form of aggressive or abusive conduct, including communication. Behaving in an aggressive manner toward any of our clinic staff will result in cessation of services and re-referral back to your GP or other referring party. 

What if I am in urgent need of psychological services or have concerns for my or someone else’s safety?

Mind Life Clinic is a private psychology practice and is not able to provide urgent or emergency mental health services. If you have urgent concerns for the mental health or safety of yourself or someone else please contact your Local Area Mental Health service or for emergencies dial 000 or attend your local hospital emergency department.  In the Ballarat region the Local Area Mental Health Service can be contacted 24 / 7 on (03) 53204100.

If you have any questions please check the DHHS website for up-to-date COVID-19 guidelines or email