An outline of our fees is provided below, enabling you to make fully informed decisions about what is best for you. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us to ask any questions you may have prior to your first appointment. As a private practice, Mind Life Clinic is unable to bulk bill. Payment is required at the time of your appointment and we have EFTPOS and HICAPS facilities to assist you with claiming your rebate.



Telehealth Appointments

Please note that pre-payment is required for Telehealth appointments. This payment is fully refundable should you cancel earlier than 24 hours before your appointment. If you are eligible for a Medicare rebate, this can be claimed at the conclusion of your Telehealth session.


Medicare rebates are now available for appointments with psychologists. One of our friendly staff members will be able to lodge your rebate claim for you as soon as you have paid the full fee for your session.

How many session can be claimed?

Up to 10 individual sessions with a psychologist can be claimed in a calendar year (January to December).

Am I eligible?

Eligibility is based on the diagnosis given to you by your GP and is not income tested. Most common disorders are eligible.  These include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sleep problems, adjustment disorders and many others.

Is there a gap payment?

You will need to pay the full amount for the session to Mind Life Clinic. We can then lodge a claim for rebate on your behalf. A rebate is then provided directly to you from Medicare. The difference between the full fee and the rebate is referred to as the out-of-pocket. Once a certain out-of-pocket threshold is reached for the year, Medicare often increases the amount of the rebate. Discounts are available for Low Income Health Care Card holders.


How do I access the Medicare Rebates?

Medicare Rebated sessions can be accessed in three easy steps:

  1. Visit your GP and discuss your concerns.
  2. If your GP believes you are eligible and would benefit from seeing a psychologist, they will complete a GP Mental Health Care Plan with you and can make a referral to a Mind Life Clinic psychologist.
  3. Progress will be reviewed with your GP after your first six psychologist sessions. Your GP will write a new referral which will allow you to claim four more sessions.


Mind Life Clinic is registered with all major private health insurance companies. Claims can be made instantly using the HICAPS system at no additional charge to you. The rebates available depend on the level of cover provided by your policy. Your health insurance provider will be able to provide you full details. Gap payments may be required.