Medicare rebates are now available for appointments with psychologists.

How many session can be claimed?
Up to 10 individual sessions with a psychologist can be claimed in a calendar year (January to December).   In addition another 10 group sessions can be claimed per year.

Am I eligible?
Eligibility is based on the diagnosis given to you by your GP and is not income tested. Most common disorders are eligible.  These include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sleep problems, adjustment disorders and many others. Is there a gap payment?

The client will need to pay the full amount for the session to Mind Life Clinic. We can then lodge a claim for rebate on your behalf. A rebate is then provided directly to the client from Medicare. The difference between the full fee and the rebate is referred to as the out-of-pocket. Once a certain out-of-pocket threshold is reached for the year, Medicare often increases the amount of the rebate. Discounts are available for Low Income Health Care Card holders.

How do I access the Medicare Rebates?
Medicare Rebated sessions can be accessed in three easy steps:

  1. Visit your GP and discuss your concerns.
  2. If your GP believes you are eligible and would benefit from seeing a psychologist they will complete a GP Mental Health Care Plan with you and can make a referral to a Mind Life Clinic psychologist.
  3. Progress will be reviewed with your GP after your first six psychologist sessions.   After this you can then claim your additional four sessions.