Why do people see psychologists?

People see psychologists for many reasons. Often people seek assistance from a psychologist when they are feeling stressed, down or are having difficulty coping with a recent or longstanding issue, change in their life, or are experiencing symptoms of a mental illness. Other times someone may want assistance achieving their goals or improving some aspect of their life such as work and relationships, or to develop skills such as public speaking or leadership.

Can I see a psychologist at Mind Life Clinic for free?

No. As a private practice, all Mind Life Clinic’s services require payment of a fee. Bulk billed psychology services can only be accessed through government-funded agencies.

Can I use my private health insurance?

Yes. Mind Life Clinic is registered with all major Australian health insurance companies. If your health insurance policy provides cover for psychology, you may receive a rebate. The rebate amount and the number of sessions covered varies between different health insurance providers. Check your policy or contact your insurance provider for information about your level of cover. A gap payment may apply.

Can I receive Medicare rebates?

Yes. All Mind Life Clinic psychologists are registered with Medicare and rebates are available for many conditions for up to 10 individual and 10 group sessions per year. Medicare provides a rebate direct to the client for a portion of the service, however an out-of-pocket amount remains. To be eligible for Medicare rebates it is necessary to bring a referral (Mental Health Care Plan) from a General Practitioner.

Can I use my Medicare and Private Health Insurance together?

No. The law prevents someone combining a Medicare rebate and their private health insurance together for the same visit. You will need to decide whether to use Medicare or your private health insurance. Which one is best will depend on the level of cover provided by your private health insurance policy and the reason you would like to see a psychologist (some conditions are not covered under Medicare). Your Mind Life Clinic Psychologist will assist you make the decision best for your circumstances.

Can I receive treatment under TAC or WorkSafe?

Yes. All Mind Life Clinic psychologists provide psychological services for both TAC and WorkSafe claims.

What happens when I see a Mind Life Clinic psychologist?

At Mind Life Clinic we take a very clear and practical approach to psychology. Initially your psychologist will focus on understanding your circumstances and the reasons you have come to Mind Life Clinic. They will then discuss with you a plan outlining the treatments and strategies they think will be most helpful for your situation. Subsequent sessions will then focus on providing the treatments and strategies identified in the plan to help you achieve the outcomes you want. There will be ongoing review of the treatment effectiveness and changes can easily be made to ensure you achieve the best outcome.

What sort of psychological treatments and strategies does Mind Life Clinic provide?

Mind Life Clinic has a strong focus on helping people to help themselves. This idea is at the very core of the Mind Life Clinic approach. We also believe that all psychological treatments provided by Mind Life Clinic should be evidenced based, that is to say they have been researched and found to be effective. The psychological treatments and strategies that may be utilized varies depending on the reason someone is seeing a psychologist. The focus however is on helping the person understand their experiences or difficulties, and then assisting them develop strategies and techniques to move forward in their life. Treatments and strategies used may include correcting unhelpful thinking or behavioural patterns, improving stress management skills, becoming expert in problem solving techniques, enhancing communication and assertiveness skills, moving past previous bad experiences, relationship improvement strategies, goal setting and achievement methods, learning how to predict and prevent relapse or a wide range of other techniques designed to meet the particular needs of our clients.

Are concession rates available?

Yes. People with a Low Income (LI) Health Care Card are eligible to receive a discounted rate. If a Medicare rebate is applicable this will reduce the out of pocket expense.

How long will I need to see a psychologist?

It varies. Mind Life Clinic provides treatment that is targeted, efficient and effective. The number of sessions required however differs from person to person depending on their circumstances, the outcomes they are looking for, and their individual response to treatment. Some clients require only a few sessions while others need longer-term assistance. Your Mind Life Clinic psychologist will evaluate and discuss this with you at the start of treatment.

What times and days are appointments available?

Reception hours are Monday to Friday 9am -5pm. Clinicians work different days and times.  Appointments are usually between 9am and 4pm weekdays, but some after-hours sessions may be negotiable, are usually conducted via Telehealth, and will need to be booked a number of months in advance.

Does Mind Life Clinic write reports?

Yes. Mind Life Clinic conducts assessments and writes reports including for TAC, Worksafe and compensation claims. Charges apply for assessment, consultation, and the preparation of the written report. These charges will be discussed with you prior to your appointment. Mind Life Clinic must receive full payment before any report is provided.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

No. A referral from a GP is not required. You can simply ring up and book an appointment. Please note that Medicare only provides rebates for certain conditions. To access these rebates your GP must complete a GP Mental Health Plan and make a referral to a psychologist.